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Watch The Tom Green Show 1994 online: Episode 9 Episode 22

- Billy Bob annoys a street mime - Intro - Billy Bob hosts the show. Talks about Ray Hagel molesting him - Milking Cows: The Mexican Hombre' Senior' Herve' - Visiting Ray in the truck... more molest talk - Makin faces: talking to a gibbering old man - Poster Abuse in Ottawa, morbid guitar woman - Guest: David Blackman.. with Billy Bob. Chainsawing Dolls, and milk - Playing Guitar: Harassing people in a pink dress - Talking with a lady eating pie "Go to hell" - Billy Bobs prank phone calls - Talkin with people in a store.. Tom rolls around on his back - More Billy Bob prank calls.. Discussing Glenn selling Hash - Playing with hick kids go karts

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