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Watch The Tom Green Show 1994 online: Episode 2 Episode 15

- Playing soccer with a deer - Intro - Secret audience camera: Spraying Glenn Humplik with milk - Billy Bob: "I like putting rocks in my bum" - Guest: Rene', the crazy mental guy that cant speak clearly - Small town: Kenora, Ontario. High voiced Tom applies at local radio stations, followed by cable access show: Big city Beef - Making fun of Humplik's car: the suzuzki swift - Holding up traffic: tom puts his face on the side of a bus - Sneakin into movies: makin friends with scott - Talkin with a crazy old racist man "I like that negro eddie murphy" - Glenn Humplik loves children: Who are slaves and make his t-shirts. Spraying Glenn Humplik with milk - Observation Humor

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