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What is Wakfu about?
In the time of Dofus, an ogre named Ogrest managed to get all 6 Dofus eggs for the sake of someone he loved. However, she was interested only in the eggs, and Ogrest killed her in a fit of rage. Later realizing what he'd done, he climbed to a mountaintop and cried for 1000 years. This brings us to the time of Wakfu. Now the "goal" is to defeat Ogrest, but, like Dofus, this is not necessary.

Genre: Animation, Children, Fantasy


Season 1 of Wakfu

    Episode 6: Vampyro  
    Episode 15: Adamai  
    Episode 21: Igole  
    Episode 22: Rubilax  
    Episode 24: Reunion  

Season 2 of Wakfu

    Episode 6: Qilby  
    Episode 7: Ambush  
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