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Watch Around the World in 80 Trades online: Episode 3 The Far East

The third leg of his adventure begins back in China where he picks up his newly carved piece of jade. It has cost him 5,000 so far but he's confident he can treble his investment by selling to a rich collector in Taiwan. Bids come thick and fast, but Conor wants to hold out for a top dollar price. Will he come to regret his confident approach? Next stop is Japan, and Conor decides premium quality tea from the highlands of Taiwan is what the Japanese are crying out for. That might be true, but Japanese bureaucracy means Conor can't set up a market stall and he's reduced to approaching people in the street. Things are going badly and he gambles on selling freshly caught fish. He negotiates a deal with a local fisherman, fishes all day and drives through the night to a giant sushi market. His perseverance pays off as Conor sells his fish - but for how much?

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