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Season 1
    Episode 1: Greg  
    Episode 2: Nicole  
    Episode 3: Jasmine  
    Episode 4: Richard  
    Episode 5: Tiara  
    Episode 6: Chasen  
    Episode 7: Reyna  
    Episode 8: Latasha  
    Episode 9: Baylee  
    Episode 10: Kayla  
    Episode 11: Ashley  
    Episode 12: Lamar  
    Episode 13: David  
    Episode 16: Hanna  
    Episode 18: Alex  
    Episode 19: Andre  
    Episode 20: Gaby  
    Episode 21: Angelo  
    Episode 22: Ashley  
    Episode 23: Arnie  
    Episode 24: Melissa  
    Episode 25: Ashlee  
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