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Watch Dragon Half online: Episode 1 Mink's Voyage

Mink is the daughter of the retired dragonslayer Rouce,and a red dragon named Mana. She has some very strong dragon powers, but still goes through human teen crisis. She lives in a land ruled by an evil king named King Siva who is in love with Mink's mother, and has an evil daughter named Vina, who constantly rivals Mink. Both want to kill Mink in some sort of horrible way. Mink is in love with teen singer Dick Saucer, who Mink discovers is also a dragonslayer! Knowing they could never be together due to her current appearance, Mink sets out on a journey with her friends, Rufa and Pia, to find the magical Pido Potion which will allow her to become a human and be with Saucer!

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