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What is NatureTech about?
Join Smithsonian Channel for this two time Emmy Award nominated look at biomimetics, the evolving science of looking to nature for answers to modern problems often in unexpected ways. In Earth's 4 billion year history, nature has solved all of life s problems, from the highest mountain to the deepest ocean. Evolution is the ultimate inventor and many of man s most clever engineering solutions have exact counterparts in nature. In three amazing episodes, NatureTech views our world with fresh eyes, where nature and technology stand hand in hand. Flies improve search and rescue, termite feces helps builders, pine cones inspire new age apparel and sharks Olympic swimsuits, nanotechnology mimics moths, Arctic poppies influence eco-friendly architecture, cockroaches inspire space engineers, fish become cars and airplanes take the shape of birds.

Genre: Documentary

Season 1 of NatureTech

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