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What is Something Special about?
Something Special is a children's television programme produced and broadcast by the BBC. The producer is Allan Johnston who worked as a teacher of children with special needs before joining the BBC in 1989. It is designed to teach children signing supported by Makaton gestures, and is specifically aimed at children with delayed learning and communication difficulties. It is aired on CBeebies (both the separate channel and CBeebies on BBC One and BBC Two). It is presented by Justin Fletcher ("Justin" from Tikkabilla), and features various other characters (also played by Justin) and clips of disabled children. Justin speaks as well as signing, and a spoken narrative is provided over the clips of children. The characters played by Justin (other than himself) are the Tumble Family: Mr Tumble, Grandpa Tumble and Baby Tumble. Other members of the Tumble family to have made recent appearances include two Aunts - Polly and Suki (as in the popular nursery rhyme "Polly Put The Kettle On"). The name of the programme derives from the idea that all children, irrespective of their position on the learning spectrum, are special. A new series for 2006 started on 17 September 2006 and features the same characters as previous series. Mr Tumble can be seen in a school in the opening credits.

Genre: Children
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Season 1 of Something Special

    Episode 1: Pets  
    Episode 2: Weather  
    Episode 3: Moving  
    Episode 4: Baby  
    Episode 6: Birds  
    Episode 7: Birthday  
    Episode 8: Clothes  
    Episode 9: Colours  
    Episode 10: Doctor  
    Episode 11: Family  
    Episode 12: Farm  
    Episode 13: Food  
    Episode 14: Garden  
    Episode 15: Holiday  
    Episode 19: Moving  
    Episode 20: Meals  
    Episode 21: Music  
    Episode 29: Pets  
    Episode 30: School  
    Episode 31: Seasons  
    Episode 32: Shapes  
    Episode 33: Shops  
    Episode 35: Toys  
    Episode 41: Weather  

Season 2 of Something Special

    Episode 1: Beach  
    Episode 2: Camping  
    Episode 3: Castle  
    Episode 4: Farm  
    Episode 5: Football  
    Episode 6: Harbour  
    Episode 8: Market  
    Episode 9: Mountain  
    Episode 10: Railway  
    Episode 11: School  
    Episode 12: Stables  
    Episode 14: Clothes  
    Episode 15: Vet  
    Episode 16: Zoo  

Season 3 of Something Special

    Episode 6: Mountain  
    Episode 7: Vet  
    Episode 9: Beach  
    Episode 10: School  
    Episode 11: Railway  
    Episode 12: Market  
    Episode 14: Camping  
    Episode 15: Castle  

Season 5 of Something Special

    Episode 1: Airport  
    Episode 2: City  
    Episode 5: Hospital  
    Episode 9: Playdate  
    Episode 15: Drive  

Season 6 of Something Special

    Episode 1: Nature  
    Episode 2: Play  
    Episode 3: Sport  
    Episode 4: Island  
    Episode 5: Festival  
    Episode 6: London  
    Episode 7: Art  
    Episode 8: Baby  
    Episode 11: Music  
    Episode 13: Cooking  
    Episode 18: Cafe  
    Episode 20: Park  
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