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Watch India Reborn online: Episode 4 Mother India

From the shimmering beauty of the Golden Temple in Amritsar to the desert barren lands of Rajasthan, MOTHER INDIA shows us how food unites and food still divides in todays India. Modernity and tradition collide and merge in a spicy and delicious episode that looks at how this sprawling, diverse land feeds itself at a time of unparalleled change. Kings and beggars eat together at the holiest shrine of the Sikhs and wealthy potato farmer Raghbir Sing Gill is happy to serve up the daily free meal to all who come. But he worries about the poor farmers around him who must grow big or go under to feed the appetites of a growing middle class. A celebrity chef introduces olive oil to adoring fans while a dalit cook returns to herding goats when higher-caste children refuse to eat her food.In Lucknow, a dignified Kabab King suffers in silence as his nephew takes his 100-year-old recipe and peddles it in one of Indias fast food malls. A determined young dabawallah weaves his way through ever-growing crowds and jam-packed trains to deliver home-cooked lunches to Mumbais office workers.Special Economic Zones and shiny supermarkets crowd out farmlands and market stalls, challenging time-honored methods of growing, and selling, food.Caught between tradition and change, MOTHER INDIA captures the splendor and the turmoil of the land of a thousand dishes with a fascinating cast of characters and stunning location images.

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