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Watch Barney Bear online: Episode 1 The Little Wise Quacker

Hunter Barney tries to procure a duck for dinner, but all that this duck wants to do is sleep. Barney sees a big sign saying "Always read your rule book before shooting." There are millions of ducks on the lake. Then the sun rises, and they dissappear. Barney finds one sleeping duck who sleepwalks to Barney's pocket and shows him the rule about not shooting a sleeping duck. So Barney tries every way to wake up this duck. No good. The rules say that any duck may be shot while in the air, so he throws it up and tries to aim, but the duck falls before he can. Barney finally corners the duck, who whips out the rule book, showing him that you can't shoot after sunset. The sun slams below the horizon, and a million ducks return.

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