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What is Public Eye about?
Public Eye was a series like no other. It focused on a private detective, Frank Marker. His world was one which we would all recognise. It was not one of glamour but of gloom and grime. If he was investigating crime it was much more likely to be seedy and petty - fraud, deception, handling stolen goods, blackmail. A lot of the time he was dealing with tales of simple human misery - divorce cases, missing persons, lack of trust. By the end of the final season in 1975, Public Eye had successfully delivered to the viewers a diverse range of quality stories which, whilst covering a wide range of subjects, still succeeded in presenting possibly the most 'realistic' depiction of the shadowy, seedy, morally ambiguous world which Frank Marker inhabited. With a tremendously convincing and sustained central performance from Alfred Burke, Public Eye was a series of genuine dramatic depth.

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    Episode 1: Bankrupt  

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    Episode 5: Fall Guy  
    Episode 10: Lifer  
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