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"WCG Ultimate Gamer" is an "exciting" 8-episode elimination-style reality series which airs on the SCI FI Channel starting on 10th March and also available the following day on

The series features gamers hoping to win $100,000 and the ultimate Samsung electronics package and will also become the "Face of the WCG".

"As the 12 contestants share a loft in downtown Los Angeles, they will be tested in real-life challenges inspired by best-selling game titles, compete in the video games themselves, and ultimately must avoid elimination in head-to-head battles in an arena filled with hundreds of spectators. Ultimately, the player who is versatile and strategic enough to best their opponents in both the real-life and virtual gaming worlds will emerge as the WCG Ultimate Gamer."

Genre: Reality
Season 1
Season 2
    Episode 8: Finale  
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