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In the search for truth, there are certain questions that are not important. Of what material is the universe constructed? Is the universe eternal? Are there limits or not to the universe? What is the ideal form of organization for human society? If a man were to postpone his search for Enlightenment until such questions were solved, he would die before he found the path. QI explores the answers that are completely pointless but 'Quite Interesting'. QI XL is the extended 45 minute version of 'QI'

Genre: Comedy, Game Show
Season 6
    Episode 5: France  
    Episode 8: Fashion  
    Episode 9: Future  
    Episode 12: Food  
Season 7
    Episode 1: Gardens  
    Episode 2: Ganimals  
    Episode 3: Games  
    Episode 5: Groovy  
    Episode 6: Genius  
    Episode 8: Germany  
    Episode 10: Greats  
    Episode 11: Gifts  
    Episode 12: Gravity  
    Episode 13: Gothic  
    Episode 14: Greeks  
    Episode 15: Green  
Season 8
    Episode 2: Hanatomy  
    Episode 3: Hoaxes  
    Episode 4: Humanity  
    Episode 5: Hanimals  
    Episode 12: Horses  
    Episode 16: History  
Season 9
    Episode 1: I-Spy  
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