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Bill and Charlie investigate the remains of a body buried in the foundations of a derelict house. The hands and teeth have been removed by the killer to reduce the chance of identification. Bill identifies the body only to realise that the serial bank robber (Derek) he has been hunting has been using the identity of the mutilated body in the foundations. Meanwhile, Derek (Jim Moriarty) has Maxine in his clutches and Bill puts the clues together almost too late, bursting into Maxine's apartment to find Maxine bound to a chair. Maxine is spared but Bill is unaware that his son is becoming the next target. Bill intercepts Derek's next hit on a bank to find his son sitting in the driver's seat of the stolen vehicle. Derek manipulates Bill, knowing that if he admits to conspiracy to break and enter, Nick will be implicated and go down as well. Bill is in a lose, lose situation.

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