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What is Welcome to the House about?
Welcome To The House is a story about Ko Yau Pang (Cheng Tan Shui), a man who listens to whatever his wife says. His wife, Cheung Yuet Moon (Ng Wing Mei), is a yoga instructor. They make a perfect couple, though there is a world of difference between their personalities. The two have a daughter, Ko Wai Ting (Chung Wong). Pangs father, Ko Hing (Chung King Fai), runs a pharmacy, where he works as a Chinese medicine doctor. Instead of inheriting Hings business, Pang chose to work as a senior instructor in a Chinese cuisine training school. After losing his wife in the early days, Hing married Ho Miu Hei (Lo Yuen Yen), with whom he has a son, Yau Yee (Cho Wing Lim), and a daughter, Yau Tsing Tang Sheung Man). On top of them, there are also Hings stepsister, Ko Lai (Yuen King Dan), and Yuet Moons younger brother, Yat Moon (Lee Sze Chit). There are nine persons in the Ko family, whose members are from three generations. Each and every one of us can easily find our own reflections in their daily lives with an understanding smile.

Genre: Drama

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