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What is A Pillow Case of Mystery about?
Si Sai-Lun (Bobby Au-Yeung) becomes the new magistrate of a town. However many of the townspeople such as Mai Heung-Yung (Kenix Kwok) and her brother Wong Tin-Bah (Benny Chan) thinks that he is pathetic because he cannot catch the thief stealing the villagers' food. When Sai-Lun was searching for evidence, he accidentally finds a magic pillow case and falls on sleep on it. In his dream he discovers that a spirit, Tong Duo-Fuk (Lo Hoi Pang), lives in the pillowcase. The spirit would give Sai-Lun clues to help him solve his mysteries. Princess Tsang Gak Ming-Chu (Tavia Yeung) pretended to be a villain who stole from the rich for the poor. She is later confronted by Tin-Bah and they fall in love. Sai-Lun started to have feelings for Heung-Yung too since they were a great pair in solving mysteries. Heung-Yeung eventually became Sai-Lun's forth wife. It was also discovered that the pillow case spirit was Heung-Yung and Tin-Bah's grandfather. All was going well until Heung-Yung suspected that Sai-Lun's father may be the one who murdered her entire family including her grandfather...

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