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A children's show centering around a witch named Kerfumbly, who has kidnapped a librarian named Marion, and holds her prisoner in her dungeon. In each episode, Kerfumbly demands a different kind of story from Marion, who gathers materials from the dungeon, puts them into a machine, and out pops a book. Marion then reads the book to the audience while illustrations of the story are shown on the screen.

This show was filmed in Omaha, Nebraska for Nebraska Public Television, and was shown widely in the late 1970's and early 1980's.

Genre: Children
Season 1
    Episode : Pilot  
    Episode : 7:15 A.M.  
    Episode : Skin Deep  
    Episode : Dreamy  
    Episode : Hat Trick  
    Episode 9: Benjie  
    Episode 27: Maxie  
    Episode 31: Mop Top  
Season 2
    Episode : Broken  
    Episode : Tiny  
    Episode : Manhattan  
    Episode : Lacey  
Season 3
    Episode : Lost Girl  
    Episode : Good Form  
    Episode : Ariel  
    Episode : The Tower  
    Episode : Kansas  
Season 4
    Episode : White Out  
    Episode : Fall  
    Episode : Lily  
    Episode : Mother  
Season 5
    Episode : The Price  
    Episode : Nimue  
    Episode : Birth  
    Episode : Swan Song  
    Episode : Our Decay  
    Episode : Sisters  
    Episode : Firebird  
    Episode : Only You  
Season 6
    Episode : Heartless  
    Episode : Page 23  
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