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Watch Zeroes online: Episode 4 Chapter Four

In Mr. Skylar's office, the boss is talking to the "KHINBOTH" man and the mumble woman. Mr. Skylar tells them that they are very disrespectful and have no respect for authority. Mr. Skylar talks about Lucky Charms when they first hit the stores but the "KHINBOTH" man drifts off and sees himself kicking himself in the back of the head in the boss's mirror. The mumble woman interrupts Mr. Skylar only to find out that Mr. Skylar can counteract her power by making her say what he wants her to like, "Mr. Skylar, your the best boss ever." He sends them away and while their walking he makes the mumble woman say, "We love you Mr. Skylar." Later Mr. Skylar talks about the plan to a man who can style any hat. The man assures Mr. Skylar and laughs evilly. The man continues to assure Mr. Skylar while wearing about 6 hats. Mr. Skylar is a little creeped out by the man but likes the hat that says, "F-emale B-ody I-nspector." They both laugh evilly for numberous seconds and the hat man finishes off by saying, "hats!"

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