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Watch Zeroes online: Episode 3 Chapter Three

In the meeting room, Mr. Skylar talks about their company. The red-headed woman continues to mumble everything Mr. Skylar says until he gets fed up. Before he fires her that "kicking himself in the head" man tells Mr. Skylar the reason. "She has brain cancer." Mr. Skylar adjournes the meeting and the red-headed woman asks why he said she has brain cancer. Before the "KHINBOTH" explains himself, the red-headed woman tells him to shut up. Mr. Skylar storms into his office angry and saying to himself that the red-headed woman will not stop him and that the plan will move forward. He puts a post-it that saids Omaha Nebraska, on a United States map with neatly stuck post-its on parts of the map. In the next scene Cindy walks in Vladimir's apartment while Vladimir is tired from his paintings. Cindy wonders why he is late for lunch and she asks what the paintings are. He tells her his art can predict the future. Cindy then shows him her ability but Vladimir thinks it is just slutty. He then shows her a painting of her putting her hand in her mouth. Cindy tries to talk with her hand in her mouth while Vladimir is trying to guess what she is saying.

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