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Watch Zeroes online: Episode 2 Chapter Two

In a meeting room, a red-headed woman is shocked to learn of her ability to mumble everything a person says after they say it. She excuses herself from the meeting, and heads to the roof, where a man shouts for no one to try to stop him. The woman asks what he's doing, and he mentions that he has a power. She tells him that she does as well, and demonstrates it to him. The man shows his head kicking ability and the woman claims her power is much better. The scene fades to a stick figure drawing of the previous two people. The man who drew the picture states that he must find him... that they have to save the birthday cake. In a breakroom in Omaha, Nebraska, a woman named Brenda is folded up in a cabinet, scaring a man named Jerry. She claims that her talent is cool, so Jerry shows her his ability to bring a bean from his mouth to his eye. As the scene ends, Brenda asks, "What's happening to us?"

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