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Watch Zeroes online: Episode 1 Chapter One

It opens with Mohinder telling us about Zeroes being annoying and losers. Than Cindy, the Claire lookalike, fits her entire hand into her mouth in a different setting than the preview. Two girls watching nearby talk about how Cindy obviously doesn't look like a high school girl and they begin to taunt her with no recognition from Cindy. Then we see the man that can kick himself in the back of the head standing on top of a building like Peter. As soon as his foot makes contact with his head he wakes up and is in an office. A woman (the sentence finisher) asks him why he isn't at a meeting and orders him to get to it. Later the same woman is at the meeting and begins to finish all the sentences that her boss is saying. Another painter, like Isaac, is in his loft. He has many painting of stick figures. He paints a city exploding and a person falling into a birthday cake on the same page. The video closes with Mohinder talking again about the Zeroes but the sentence finisher is finishing all his sentences so Mohinder cuts to black.

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