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Watch United States of Tara online: Episode 6 The Road to Hell is Paved with Breast Intentions

With the help of the alters’ new contract, an excited Tara (TONI COLLETTE) and still skeptical Dr. Hattaras (EDDIE IZZARD) seem to be making progress, but the real test comes when Tara’s mother Bev (PAMELA REED) is invited to visit her new grandchild by a scheming Neil (PATTON OSWALT), much to the chagrin of Charmaine (ROSEMARIE DEWITT) and Tara. Meanwhile, Max (JOHN CORBETT) continues to struggle with his new position at OrgaLawn, but his attempts to get support from Tara are left unfulfilled. Now a fully-certified flight attendant, Kate (BRIE LARSON) seems to hit it off with frequent flyer Evan (KEIR O’DONNELL), but is shocked when her attempts at flirting are rebuffed. Back at home, Marshall (KEIR GILCHRIST) and Noah (AARON CHRISTIAN HOWLES) grow closer watching old tapes of Max and Tara in preparation for their entry to the New York High School Film Festival. But it is Hattaras, listening to a new tape made from that day’s session, who hears the voice of Tara’s menacing new alter…

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