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Watch United States of Tara online: Episode 4 Wheels

Charmaine (ROSEMARIE DEWITT) is rushed to the hospital in the same ambulance as Tara (TONI COLLETTE) and declares Tara’s craziness be kept away from her newborn child, with proud father Neil (PATTON OSWALT) at her side. Tara’s stress about exams almost pushes Max (JOHN CORBETT) to the boiling point. Fed up and frustrated with her crazy selves, Tara gathers all of her alters and attempts to make a deal, something Dr. Hattaras (EDDIE IZZARD) finds very intriguing…Kate (BRIE LARSON) is stranded at the airport with a charmingly clueless luggage handler Ray (KEVIN MANWARREN) and nervous to tell her parents that she couldn’t go through with Japan, but the beautiful flight attendant (BELLAMY YOUNG) is there to inspire her once more. Meanwhile, Marshall (KEIR GILCHRIST), Lionel (MICHAEL WILLETT) and Noah (AARON CHRISTIAN HOWLES) use Charmaine’s empty house to experiment with each other in new and exciting ways.

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