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Watch United States of Tara online: Episode 3 The Full Fuck You Finger

Tara (TONI COLLETTE) is stretching herself thin between college and planning a baby shower for an unappreciative Charmaine (ROSEMARIE DEWITT), causing Tara to transition. With no time to rest, Tara’s alters begin to fight for control of the body, with terrible consequences for Charmaine…Kate’s (BRIE LARSON) Japan plans are almost derailed by a natural disaster, but a chance meeting with a beautiful flight attendant (BELLAMY YOUNG) leaves Kate to wonder if there are better possibilities to pursue without leaving the country. Meanwhile, Max (JOHN CORBETT) must visit his compulsive hoarder mom Sandy (FRANCES CONROY) to get her signature and sell the family business to OrgaLawn. A few days later, Marshall (KEIR GILCHRIST) returns with Max to help clean his Grandma’s house and learns some things about his father’s past that make him worry about the strength of his own family ties.

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