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Where to watch Vratice se rode
"Vratice se rode", or "Storks Will Return" as it would be called in English, is a popular and critically acclaimed drama series in Serbia. It follows the two lead characters, Shvaba and Ekser, as they try to make a living on the streets of Belgrade through the life of petty crime. Making matters worse is the fact that Shvaba owes a lot of money to a local big-shot criminal. And just when things seem lost for the two men, Shvaba's mother inherits a house in Baranda - a village near Belgrade no one's ever heard of. As Shvaba and Ekser happily rush to Baranda, hoping to sell the house and solve all their problems, the villagers are equally happy to see them, thinking that two businessmen from Belgrade are finally taking an interest in their village...

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Season 1
    Episode 1: 25  
    Episode 2: 24  
    Episode 3: 23  
    Episode 4: 22  
    Episode 5: 21  
    Episode 6: 20  
    Episode 7: 19  
    Episode 8: 18  
    Episode 9: 17  
    Episode 10: 16  
    Episode 11: 15  
    Episode 12: 14  
    Episode 13: 13  
    Episode 14: 12  
    Episode 15: 11  
    Episode 16: 10  
    Episode 17: 9  
    Episode 18: 8  
    Episode 19: 7  
    Episode 20: 6  
    Episode 21: 5  
    Episode 22: 4  
    Episode 23: 3  
    Episode 24: 2  
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