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Watch CG Kids online: Episode 10 Point Pelee National Park

Sid and Cat learn to appreciate the blessing of bird poop when Palmer sends them into the line of fire at Point Pelee National Park, where they get up close and personal with some of the parks 370 bird species. Dan Dufour teaches them how the balmy temperatures that the park enjoys at Canada's most southerly tip affects the area's wildlife and makes the park very different from the rest of Canada. Next, Chief Larry Johnson explores the history of the Caldwell First Nations and the importance of Point Pelee's birds to their culture, especially the significance of the eagle and their feathers. Then Phil Roberts gives Sid and Cat a tour of the park's eagle platform and they help him build the beginnings of a nest to bring some eagles into the neighbourhood. Then Sid and Cat become night owls and get nocturnal on a late night owl prowl and meet Fuzzy Wink, the Great Horned owl. The next day they learn the ropes of a scientific bird count. Sid and Cat truly are blessed by the birds of Point Pelee in this episode of CG Kids!

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