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Watch CG Kids online: Episode 8 Kootenay National Park

Sid and Cat end up on a wild sheep chase at Kootenay National Park. While searching for the area's Bighorn celebrity, they are surprised to learn how forest fires can be a good thing and help rejuvenate a forest and that fires are intentionally set in the park to encourage new growth. Next, Sid and Cat teeter up steep, rocky paths and still haven't stumbled across any Bighorns, but do find the ancient alpine ice river known as the Stanley Glacier. Then they stumble across the sacred Paint Pots, where First Nations and early European settlers dug up the unique and beautiful iron and mineral colours to use as paint. Sid and Cat follow their noses when they smell smoke and find Rick Kubian and they help him do a test fire and learn how the fires are also good for the elusive Bighorn sheep in the area. They are stunned to find sheep somewhere they never thought they would!! Next, Sid and Cat soak up everything they've learned and the relaxation of the Kootenays in some healing hot springs. Can you handle the heat of this episode of CG Kids?

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