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Watch CG Kids online: Episode 5 Prince Albert National Park

Sid and Cat dig into the past at Prince Albert National Park in Saskatchewan where they join Woodland Cree kids in ground truthing and get the earth to give up its secrets. Henry Fremont shows them how to scout and scour the area for artifacts, like arrowheads. Their keen and patient ground truthing pays off when Sid makes a find that sheds light on the life in an old logging camp and its connection to settlers roots across the ocean. Next, Sid and Cat wade into the soggy bog and come across Eva Paul, who is looking for something with a more recent history, the uncommon Northern Leopard frog. As they head deeper into the bog Sid and Cat find its dark and sinister side when they come across the sneaky, carnivorous pitcher plant. Their time in the park teaches them that there is always more than meets the eye. Dig a little deeper and get beneath the surface on this episode of CG Kids!!

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