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Watch CG Kids online: Episode 18 Vancouver, British Columbia: Island of Caves

In this episode of CG Kids, Jennifer and Jamie anchor down on Vancouver Island, the largest island on North America's West Coast! The adventure begins with a stop at the world's largest hockey stick and puck in Duncan, B.C., also known as Canada's warmest city. Our CG-ers then meet up with 13-year-old Cowichan youth, Josh Williams, for some genuine salmon spear fishing! After a few less-than-successful spear-tosses, our three adventurers head back over to Duncan to check out the approximately 80 totem poles standing watch over the community! Master carver Charlie August teaches Jamie and Jennifer the significance of various animal carvings on totems, and the different types of totems. He even lets Jen try her hand of carving. Of course, her technique has nothing on Eldon's, who prefers to use his teeth to work the wood! Next, Jamie and Jennifer get suited up for their spelunking trip through some limestone caves thought to be over 120,000 years old! Our CG-ers don't run into any bats, but they do encounter some "soda straws", "wolf howls", and an ice cream waterfall! Then it's over to MacMillan Provincial Park, where Jennifer and Jamie are wowed by some enormous, 800-year-old Douglas fir trees, including one where fairies are reputed to live. And of course, what would a visit to Vancouver Island be without some seriously freaky bungee jumping?! Cave spelunking, general kerplunking, and bungee jumping, all on this episode of CG Kids!

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