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Watch CG Kids online: Episode 12 Toronto, Ontario: Wild Toronto

Jennifer and Jamie take off for Toronto, Canada's largest city, to check out its little-known wild side! After racing scooters up the world's longest street, our CG-ers meet up with 11-year-old Sydney Peck. Sydney's a city slicker with an interest in some of Toronto's most colourful visitors: birds! Together our three adventurers tour F.L.A.P, the "Fatal Light Awareness Program", to learn what can be done to prevent birds from flying into skyscrapers. Then it's off to the Royal Ontario Museum, to visit Sydney's father, an ornithologist who studies birds. These CG-ers sure get a shock when they find out what happens in the museum's bug room! Later, Jamie and Jennifer head over to the Toronto Wildlife Centre to help treat some injured urban animals like raccoons, and Canada geese. Then it's a short hike to the R.C. Harris Water Filtration Plant to find out what it takes to make Lake Ontario water safe to drink for almost five million people! It all adds up to a marvy metropolitan adventure, with building-diving birds, city-crashing critters, and wickedly wet water filtering, on this Toronto episode of CG Kids!

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