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Watch CG Kids online: Episode 5 Les les de la Madeleine

Jennifer and Jamie ferry over to the stunning les de la Madeleine, a beautiful group of about 12 Quebec-owned islands that's actually closer to the Maritimes! They meet up with 15-year-old Terry LaPierre for some surfing and nets and find themselves CAVE surfing, much to Jennifer's initial terror! Terry also shows them how to use a net, as well as fishing lines, giant hooks, and one seaworthy fishing boat, to catch some Madeleine mackerel, island-style! Later they meet up with biologist Catherine Giroul at the Seal Interpretive Centre. She takes them out in the Centre's boat to witness first-hand the playful nature of the many seals that live in the warm Gulf waters that surround the islands. Finally, our adventurers explore a salt marsh and discover the unusual features of one of the most important ecosystems along a coastline. Sunny surfing, fish finding, and marsh marching all on this episode of CG Kids!

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