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What is Trexx and Flipside about?
Trexx and Flipside are wannabe hip hop stars but their music label - Wu Hah Records - is run by Mr Brilliance, who is more in tune with crooning than rap. Fortunately, his so-called assistant, Ollie, knows what she is doing and loves the boys' work. But even she worries that their enthusiasm is doing more harm than good - when they crashed the British Rap Awards (Bras) in a borrowed strip limo shared with a hen party, for instance. And, when it comes to using a little muscle, the hip hop world is inhabited by the uninhibited, and gangsta rapper B-ICE has sworn to keep the boys exactly where he put them - in the gutter. Pitted against their rap rivals and backed by a no-hoper of a manager, will Trexx and Flipside ever make it?

Season 1 of Trexx and Flipside

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