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In a post-apocalyptic, dystopian future, Ital Del Labard sets out to avenge the death of Randis R. Khiezard, a war-roid whom raised Ital, that was killed by the beastmaster. For the first time in his life, Ital leaves his home and travels to distant lands looking for his surogate father's killer. Along the way he teams up with another war-roid called Zaxon, and junk-hunter, femme fatale Sahari. Now the city of Bangor is under attack by the beastmaster and his army of autosoldiers, it is up to Ital and his friends to save the day.

Genre: Action and Adventure, Animation, Science-Fiction
Season 1
    Episode 1: Stage 1  
    Episode 2: Stage 2  
    Episode 3: Stage 3  
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