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Throughout The Eons Of Its Existence, The Natural World Has Played Host To This Never-Ending Competition Called Life. Since The Dawn Of Time, Roughly 99 Percent Of All Species Have Become Extinct. In Order To Survive, All Creatures, Including Man, Must Treat Life As A Battlefield And Master The Natural Weapons And Defenses That They Have Evolved: Tyrannosaurus Rex's 13-Inch Canines; The Gecko's Velcro-Like Toe Pads; The Bald Eagle's Telescopic Vision Capable Of Spotting A Hare A Mile Away. How Did These Attributes, Each Unique To The Organism Itself, Appear? Certainly Not Arbitrarily. They Evolved For A Common Reason - To Give These Animals A Critical Edge In Interspecies Warfare, And To Ensure The Survival Of The Individuals Genes Into The Next Generation. To Evolve Is To Survive!

Genre: Documentary
Imdb: click here
Season 1
    Episode 1: Eyes  
    Episode 2: Guts  
    Episode 3: Jaws  
    Episode 4: Sex  
    Episode 5: Skin  
    Episode 6: Flight  
    Episode 8: Size  
    Episode 9: Venom  
    Episode 10: Shape  
    Episode 11: Speed  
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