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What is World's Deadliest Animals about?
Our world is home to an array of wild creatures creatures that have evolved to survive amid harsh environments, and brutal competition. But in every region resides an elite group of twelve species - an assembly of mammals, reptiles, insects, and arachnids- equipped with an arsenal of predatory and defensive skills. They're beautiful, they're highly evolved, and they're dangerous-they are the Worlds Deadliest Animals. This series profiles twelve of the deadliest creatures found in four hot spots around the globe: Amazon, Costa Rica, Asia Pacific and Asia. Each of the programs uses exquisite photography and state-of-the-art filming techniques to capture the most stunning animal behavior ever caught on film

Genre: Documentary

Season 1 of World's Deadliest Animals

    Episode 1: Amazon  
    Episode 7: Africa  
    Episode 9: The Deep  
    Episode 11: Forests  
    Episode 12: India  
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