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Jacked: Auto Theft Task Force brings the hunt to A&E with a new half-hour series filled with pursuits, take-downs, and arrests. The drama and suspense are high as we ride along with the Auto Theft Task Force in Northern New Jersey. Better known as "The Wolf Pack" this group of highly trained officers uses 8 souped-up SUVs equipped with huge steel bumpers to track car thieves, block them in, and then haul them off to jail.

For the ATTF, recovering stolen property is only one part of the job. Hot cars are commonly used in robberies, murders and drug running. So the stakes are high - and even an ordinary traffic stop has the potential to become a gun battle.

Technology plays an important role in hunting down car thieves. The series highlights the ATTF's specialized trucks, the decoy or bait car, Lojack tracking, automated license plate readers, and a helicopter equipped with a heat seeking camera.

Jacked gives viewers an inside look at the rarely seen stealth tactics used to put car thieves behind bars - and with someone stealing a car every 26 seconds in the U.S., there's no shortage of material.
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