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At the railway station we see a sad departing of a little boy and a girl. "Sayonara" is the last word Riko says and the train depart leaving little Haruhiko and his father looking at the train which gradually disappear.

Suddenly we see a Rock band poster known as Moon Pistons and the sound of a weird Alarm which turns out to be Kamen Rider Super Alarm clock. It seems like Kirino wakes up Haruhiko from bed and after a sarcastic remark Haruhiko made towards Kirino they settle down with breakfast. When they exit the house, all of a sudden, a pig-tailed girl with a flying broom comes and knock our hero along to the sky where Haruhiko tries hard to hang on the broom in the sky to avoid falling to his death. Anyways, Haruhiko falls anyways and miraculously survives in 1 piece.

In the town anything could happen even the most extraordinary events henceforth Haruhiko wasnt too surprised with the unfortunate event that just happened to him and proceed to walk to school with Kirino. In the town of Narasaki, people were bestowed with a mysterious ability known as GIFT which is a power to make a miracle happen once in a lifetime.

So what's the truth behind this Gift? What is this Gift originate? And who is the beautiful girl who just step down from the train?

Genre: Animation
Season 1
    Episode 6: Face  
    Episode 13: OVA  
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