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What is Saber Marionette R about?
Saber Marionette R takes place many years after the events in J. The three marionettes, Cherry, Lime and Bloodberry, now accompany Junior, the heir to the throne of Romana. However, a criminal known as Face is freed from prison by three marionettes of his own called the Sexadolls, named Edge, Brid and Kyanny. Face threatens the future of Romana by killing the king and forcing everyone to search for Junior and arrest him. Cherry, Lime and Bloodberry must destroy Face's Sexadolls, protect Junior and help Romana become peaceful once more.

Genre: Animation

Season 1 of Saber Marionette R

    Episode 1: Act 1  
    Episode 2: Act 2  
    Episode 3: Act 3  
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