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Afterworld, a tale of a world trying to recover from a cataclysmic event that has changed life on Earth beyond all recognition. 99% of the population has vanished and all technology has been rendered useless. Russell is going to have to go through hell and back if he is going to be reunited with his family 3000 miles away.

Genre: Animation, Science-Fiction
    Episode 1:   
Season 1
    Episode 4: Delondre  
    Episode 14: Detour  
    Episode 21: Aurora  
    Episode 49: Wanted  
    Episode 50: R.I.P.  
    Episode 54: Parthia  
    Episode 66: Manhunt  
    Episode 74: Prey  
    Episode 75: Deja vu  
    Episode 102: NORAD  
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