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What is Flipping Out about?
Obsessive-compulsive house flipper Jeff Lewis was so startled by his own often extreme behavior in season one that he went through some therapy (still ongoing) and began making "healthier choices" in the way he deals with other people. Season two finds him "flipping out" less often, although he has more reason to explode than ever: The Los Angeles housing market is in a dramatic slump, forcing Jeff and partner Ryan Brown to take a gig remodeling an historic Hollywood mansion for a client -- which means Jeff is taking orders from someone else, for a change. Let's hope the new boss doesn't like onions in her salad.

Actors: eff Lewis, Ryan Brown, Jenni Pulos Elwood, Chris Elwood, Steve Bowman, Zoi
Genre: Reality TV
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Season 1 of Flipping Out

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Season 2 of Flipping Out

    Episode 9: Reunion  

Season 3 of Flipping Out

    Episode :   
    Episode 4: Bad Mojo  

Season 4 of Flipping Out

Season 5 of Flipping Out

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