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What is iFanboy about?
iFanboy is all about comic books. Each week, the guys shed new light on the world of comics and graphic novels. Be it finding new comics, going in-depth, or exclusive interviews, iFanboy has something for new and old readers alike.

Actors: osh Flanagan, Conor Kilpatrick, Ron Richar
Genre: News, Special Interest

Season 1 of iFanboy

    Episode 1: Five  
    Episode 2: BKV  
    Episode 3: Canada  
    Episode 4: PAD  
    Episode 5: Ultimate  
    Episode 6: Sick  
    Episode 7: NYCC  
    Episode 8: Vault  
    Episode 10: Pitch  
    Episode 11: Alan  
    Episode 13: Goodman  
    Episode 14: Sketch  
    Episode 15: Cookies  
    Episode 16: Vertigo  
    Episode 18: Robert  
    Episode 19: 52  
    Episode 21: Funny  
    Episode 23: Love  
    Episode 24: Boys  
    Episode 25: BBQ  
    Episode 28: Folksy  
    Episode 29: Joe  
    Episode 30: San  
    Episode 31: Diego  
    Episode 34: Pool  
    Episode 35: History  
    Episode 37: Goooood  
    Episode 38: 100  
    Episode 39: Wacky  
    Episode 40: Hellboy  
    Episode 41: Totebag  
    Episode 42: Shelf  
    Episode 43: Dancing  
    Episode 45: West  
    Episode 46: Ringo  
    Episode 48: Gift  
    Episode 51: Custer  
    Episode 54: So Sad  
    Episode 211: Thor  
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