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Watch The Coconuts online: Episode 1 The Transformation

The Greenes return from holiday having inexplicably turned black overnight. Their domestic worker, Patience, has equally mysteriously turned white. Their next-door neighbours, the Mlambos, see black people in the Greene's house and investigate. Joyce Mlambo is initially concerned that the house is being robbed but then gets excited at the prospect of new friends. The Greenes are bewildered as they try to fathom what to do about their predicament and what to tell people. Patience remembers the old Zulotho man warning them not to park their caravan on the burial grounds because it would offend the ancestors. They quickly realise that ignoring the old man's warning had something to do with their transformation. The Mlambos pop over unexpectedly and Tom tells them that the Greenes have gone overseas and that they are exiles and good friends of the Greenes who've come to look after the Greenes' house and businesses while they're away.

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