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Watch The Coconuts online: Episode 4 The Diva Wears Prada

Ouma announces to the family that Oupa will be arriving today. Joyce appears and enquires about a name for the baby. Joyce has to exit quickly when Patience informs Amandla that Joyce told her about four months maternity leave. Meanwhile Joyce watches Meryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada to get an idea of how a high-powered businesswoman should act. Meisie, her white maid is up to her tricks still, arriving two hours late for work. Amandla worries about the shock of revealing their situation to Oupa as he is now wheelchair bound because of a stroke. Ouma says shell be the one to tell him herself. Khensiwe exposes Meisie for the sham she really is, and Joyce fires the maid. An orderly drops off Oupa. Ouma reveals to him his family is now black. Tombo and Joyce arrive at her board meeting. Tombo does his best to make Joyce look foolish, but his plan backfires. The six white men applaud Joyce. Once in the car Joyce realises shes left her bag in the boardroom. Tombo offers to fetch it. He overhears the men talking about Joyce being perfect to take the fall for the company when they disappear with the investors money. Tombo is stunned. Does he tell Joyce?

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