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Watch The Coconuts online: Episode 3 You can be my baby, it dont matter if youre black or white

The episode starts at the Mbulis with Amandla in labour in the main bedroom. At the Mlambos, Joyce, still determined to hire a white maid, hires a maid called Meisie from Boksburg. This backfires when it is Joyce who tidies up and even cooks breakfast for the maid because she doesnt want Meisie to think they live like pigs. Meantime Patience realises that Ouma is willing to clean and cook if she feels it is not been done correctly. Patience decides to use this fact to her advantage. Percy comes home to a spotless house and an exhausted Joyce. She claims the house is tidy because of their new white maid. Percy is impressed. Outside Meisie and Patience exchange stories over the fence whilst having coffee, and how they are each working their madams. Joyce and Percy re-appear downstairs at the Mbulis, corner Patience, and try to get the truth from her. She escapes them, runs upstairs, where Amandla has just given birth. Will the baby be black or white?

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