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Watch The Coconuts online: Episode 2 Silence of the Ouma

After being spotted as a lady who dresses and talks well at the local Woolworths, Joyce is recruited as a BEE director onto the board of some new blue chip company. She decides that a lady of her standing needs a full time maid a white maid. Percy is only happy to comply when she mentions her salary. Beyonce is running the salon til Amandla is back on her feet. She is being paid by Amandla as she wants to save to buy a car. Meanwhile Patience is looking after Ouma because Ouma wont let any of the black members of the family near her. Joyce arrives and, believing Ouma is Patiences mother, offers her a job as a maid. Ouma accepts as a means of escape from the Mbulis, whom she still does not believe are her real family. Amandla confronts her mother to accept that she is her daughter, and that she needs her mother when the baby is born. After a few revelations, Ouma starts to believe Amandla may be telling the truth. Meanwhile, next door, Joyce and Percy try to impress Percys potential new employer (he is going after a plum position at a local university) with their new white maid, Ouma. Ouma has cooked some traditional Afrikaans food. This does not go down well, which leads to racial tensions flaring. In the meantime Amandla goes into labour, and Patience bursts in informing the Mlambos and Ouma that the baby is coming and then has to fake having her waters break to seem as if it may be her who is giving birth.

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