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Watch The Coconuts online: Episode 1 Black Again

The episode starts where Season 1 left off with the Mbulis all having turned Coloured, and with Amandla toting a 6-month old Chinese baby. Patience is Indian. This all turns out to be a dream complete with Bollywood sequence, from which Patience awakes in the first few minutes. From then on, she is still white and the Mbulis are again black. In reality, Amandla is nearly nine months pregnant. The family has to deal with the stress of the imminent arrival of Amandlas parents, as she insists on having the baby at home and needs her mothers help. Amandla also has to make sure that Patience constantly wears a pregnancy suit in case the unborn child turns out to be white, so they can say that Patience gave birth to it. Naturally the neighbours, especially Joyce, are curious and use the arrival of new furniture at the Mbulis as an excuse to visit and snoop. Meanwhile, Beyonce has taken a gap year and is keeping the salon going for her mother, TK is being tutored by Khensiwe to get him through matric, and Patience has to be taught how to speak and act white so she can break the news of the familys colour change to Amandlas mother, Ouma. Things do not go according to plan, as Amandlas mother arrives, and finds out that there is more to her daughters situation than meets the eye. She goes hysterical and chaos ensues, with Patience saving the day.

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