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Danny, a 20 year old male, kills his mother and arrives at the Cube saying his head hurts and he has feelings that he can’t control. He feels great hostility with apparent provocation. During this time, Catherine and everyone else have no idea of the crime he has just committed. When a brain scan reveals a pecan sized tumor pressing against regions thought responsible for the regulation of strong emotions, Bickman confers that they need to operate ASAP but will need to call his mother, leading them to discover just how dangerous Danny’s condition is. Catherine also takes on a patient who has Alien Hand syndrome, where patients lose conscious control of a limb and the “alien” hand often thwarts what the other hand is doing. Catherine reveals to Hartramph that she slept with Bickman again and lied to Will about it. Esme overhears Will and Delilah arguing at the restaurant and pieces together that they have slept together.

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