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What is Koharu Biyori about?
Takaya Murase purchases a maid android. When Takaya receives the doll, he attempts to dress her up in different outfits to satisfy his maid-fetish. The android claims that Takaya is abusing her and not treating her like a maid. She reacts by knocking out Murase with a punch and disposes Takaya's figurine collection. When Takaya finds out what she has done, the android runs back to the android store. Takaya chases after her and apologizes for his behavior. He then names her Yui. However, when they return to Takaya's apartment, they find out that Takaya has filled the room with his reserve figurine collection. Yui takes Takaya out of the house, believing that he cannot treat her like a doll in the public. Nearby, they see a woman in a revealing maid costume, trying to comfort a lost little girl. 2 mikos, Sumire and Ran Midou, punish the woman for her indecent behavior by letting an octopus assault her. Takaya successfully comforts the lost girl, Ayumi Hagiwara, and learns that she is looking for her "lost" mother. The woman introduces herself as Minori Sumitomo and invites them all to her father's, Tetsushi, cafe, Cafe Cowbeya. There, Ayumi reunites with her mother, Kanae. Due to the presence of Kanae and Yui, the shop is packed with customers. Takaya volunteers himself and Yui to help out. Minori looks after a baby boy due to her relatives moving. She is called by her father to help out at the cafe. Yui volunteers to look after the baby. With Takaya out shopping, she has to look after the baby by herself. The baby suckles on Yui's breast but they do not produce milk because she is a robot. She gives the baby a bottle to suck on. She is fascinated by the baby's penis, calling it a "little elephant".

Genre: Animation

Season 1 of Koharu Biyori

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