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We're two fearless traveling documentarists and leave no stone unturned to bring you the most visceral travel experience possible. After trippin' & shootin' around the world on a shoestring since 2002 we've produced a series of a cutting-edge reality travel show, Madventures.

Carrying nothing but our backpacks and our cameras, we've currently been filming in 30 countries around the globe from the Himalayas to the African deserts, from Tokyo to the Polynesian uninhabited islands - meeting face-to-face to the world's last cannibals in Papua, sneaking across the border into Tibet to make a documentary, revealing the illegal bazooka business in Cambodia and eating monkey brains straight from the skull in the Amazonas...

The journey continues. Like the Chinese say, the most spectacular of landscapes is found on the most dangerous of summits!

Actors: iku Rantala, Tuomas Milono
Genre: Documentary
Imdb: click here
Season 1
    Episode 13: Tonga  
Season 2
    Episode 1: Jamaica  
    Episode 2: Tokyo  
    Episode 3: Japan  
    Episode 4: China  
    Episode 5: Tibet  
    Episode 7: Cuba  
    Episode 8: Africa 1  
    Episode 9: Africa 2  
Season 3
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