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A group of eight overweight Brits must adopt a hunter-gatherer lifestyle for three weeks in one of the most demanding environments on the planet, the Kalahari Desert in Namibia under the eyes of the San Bushmen.

Eight western couch potatoes, all of them obese, and whose idea of stressful eating is waiting for the pizza to arrive, are put to the biggest test of their lives.

For an entire month, our contestants are thrown into the depths of the Kalahari Desert to live with the San Bushmen - living in a style reflecting our pre-historic ancestors. The tribe are completely detached from modern society; their whole existence revolves about fully utilising the land on which they live.

Under the tutelage of 10 San Bushmen, the contestants integrate into tribal life; build their own straw huts, make fires, gather food, hunt and cook roots, nuts and, hopefully, animals.

How will the contestants cope in the desert? They might be hungry, but their diet should be good for them; food that is less processed has a healthier balance of protein to sugar and carbohydrates, and contains less fat.

And the effort of hunting food each day should prove to be a lot more exercise than our fat contestants are used to. They'll quickly be burning off more calories than they consume each day. Mentally they'll be straining from sugar, caffeine and nicotine withdrawal as their bodies' undertake a complete detox. How will this make them feel? Will they relish their new-found back-to-basics lifestyle, or will it all prove too much for them?

Will they become lean, mean, killing machines?
Or will they simply be too heavy to hunt?
Season 1
    Episode 4: Finale  
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